Operating System

The Linux Virtual File System

2 minute read

Linux allows different filesystems to be accessed via a kernel software layer called Virtual File System (VFS). VFS handles all the system calls related to a...

Zombie process

1 minute read

Zombie process is the process that finished execution but still has an entry in the process table; and the exit status has not been read by the parent proces...

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TCP series - Part 3: Congestion control

1 minute read

In this series, you will learn about crucial (but easily overlooked) details of the most important (and complicated) protocol in computer networking, aka TCP...

Access a website on the Internet

10 minute read

Let’s walk through an example where we need to access a website on the Internet, say “” from browser or curl command on terminal. W...

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Tabletop game

Because we love Root!

12 minute read

Root is a fantastic asymmetrical game with 8 completely different factions competing over the race to 30 victory points. The artwork is amazing, and the asym...

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